Simplicity and Transparency

IndustryForex Group is set to revolutionise the way individuals and businesses interact with FX market;
Through its simple and transparent on-line platform, transactions are undertaken rapidly with guaranteed better rates and zero transaction charges, we are saving clients time and money!
In a market set to double in revenue terms over the next 10 years, it is the perfect time to shake up the Forex world and offer a truly unique transaction process;
IndustryForex Group’s proposition challenges conventional market inefficiencies and alters the rules of competition by placing greater power in the hands of the client;
A simple, low cost operating model that is fully transparent and extremely efficient makes it very compelling for both end-user and supplier markets;
By exploiting its market appeal and unique industry advantage to quickly achieve critical mass, IndustryForex Group will establish brand leadership of its industry sector and by translating low cost operation into a major price advantage, the company will be able to ensure significant, sustainable growth and combat competitive threats in a relatively short period of time;

Protecting our IP

‘Intellectual Property’ (IP) is one of the most important and valuable assets a business can have; It will be appreciated that IP has obvious commercial benefits in enabling a monopoly to be maintained in a particular area of business to the exclusion of our competitors;
In this business, the publication of a registered IP right is important in showing investors that a business has IP capital which it can draw on and investors are more likely to invest in a company that can show it can protect its revenue streams through IP enforcement;

About our future

The Directors will take appropriate action to assure ‘Design’ and ‘Company Names’ will be Trademarked with the appropriate UK authorities;​