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Industry Forex Group allows you to buy goods from overseas. Real-time foreign exchange rates – access live rate quotes before a conversion is made
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Complex FX Logistics

At Industry Forex Group over 5,000 businesses manage their foreign exchange risk and make international payments quickly and securely at consistent bank beating exchange rates.
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Foreign Exhange Solutions

Our cloud-based platform removes the complexity from international transactions, giving you clarity and control over your business
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Industry Forex group

Easy reconciliation – using virtual account numbers and rich reference data

Careful Safe Secure Transactions
Receive Third Party Funds
Low Operational Costs
Real-Time Foreign Exchange Rates
24/7 Technical Support
Minimal Processing Times

Relax about Rates

Access live rate quotes before a conversion is made

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Global Collections

Virtual Account Numbers – local accounts in the EU & USA

B2B Services

No SWIFT deductions – invoices paid in full without unfair SWIFT charges

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We purchase billions of currency every month through our global liquidity providers at extremely competitive rates and pass these on to our clients

Marketing Intelligence

Industry Forex Group provides adapted and preemptive analysis to navigate our clients entry into various markets

Brilliant Team

Our team have been selected from the each Sector, allowing us to then train our Account Directors to understand and recognise the necessities of our clients


Working with our clients in the these sectors we are able to provide an efficient on-time and safe, secure approach to settling funds

Business Optimization

Affordable Rates

We solve the problem of exchange rate unpredictability by developing FX strategies that help businesses balance the three major variables they have to consider hedging: how much, how far forward and when?

24/7 Online Support

Achieving consistent and effective results often requires not only a change in strategy, but also a change in perspective. We are here to support your decision process

Worldwide Transactions

Discover an easy, fast & secure way to collect funds globally

Currency Accounts

Get the account your business needs, in the currency and country your clients want

International Payments

Pay suppliers, employees and business partners all over the world in 100+ currencies

Innovative Technology

You can trust that your payments will arrive on time. Make multi-currency payments in bulk at the click of a button

Safe Trusted

Increase your security, accuracy and simplicity by automating your flows

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Industry Forex Group in numbers

Our cloud-based platforms removes the complexity from international transactions, giving our clients clarity and control over their businesses so they can focus on the things that matter: their customers.

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“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do”

“As the business world continues to evolve so do the methods in how we communicate and conduct our International Financial Payments.
In today’s challenging environment which all industries are experiencing, overseas payment methods have become critical to financial success, which must be made quickly and efficiently, avoiding mistakes and saving time without the consequential costs, disruption and absent resources..”

Paul Matthews


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